About the artist

Haymanot Tesfa, was born in Ethiopia, where she did her diploma in painting at The School of Fine Arts. She had two solo shows and partook in many group exhibitions at different stages in Ethiopia before 2003.

Haymanot uses mixed techniques and does still-life, portraiture and illustrative work. 

As well as an artist, Haymanot is a singer, a writer and photographer. She says,” I’m living on our beautiful earth to admire words, melody, colours and nature, which gives me inspiration to be creative". 

o 2013 Islington Central Library.
o 2012 The Upper Gallery, Forest Row.
o 2012 Rowan Arts, Holloway Old Fire Station, London.
o 2011 Open House Exhibition, Chilham, Kent.
o 2011 Art of Africa, High Wycombe.
o 2010 Open House Exhibition, Chilham, Kent.
o 2009 Bows Arts studio, East Grinstead.
o 1994 - 2003 Different times in Ethiopia.

Work publications: 
o An anthology front, back and inside “A Country of Refuge" edited by Lucy Popescue, 2016. 
o Poetry book front cover “The Bright Gaze of The Disoriented” by Hubert Moore, 2014. 
o Portrait photographs in the book, “Born and bred”, 2012.
o Poetry book front cover “This Woman” by Nancy Charley, 2012.
o Poetry book front and back Cover “Whistling back” by Hubert Moore, 2012.
o Back cover “Journal of Human Right Practice, Volume 1 Number 1”, 2009.

Music Performances: 
o Gateshead, Free Thinking Festival, BBC Radio 3 World On 3, 2018.
o SOAS, 2018.
o Musicport Festival, 2017.
o Vortex, London African Music Festival, 2017.
o British Museum, 2016.
o The National Theater, Dorfman Theater, 2016.
o The Lantern Theater, 2015. 
o The Royal Festival Hall, Celebrating Sanctuary Festival2015.
o The House of Commons, 2014. 
o WOMAD 'Test The World' stage, 2014.
o Rich Mix, 2013.
o Foyles Jazz Cafe, 2012, 2013.
o Wild heart Music festival, 2012.
o World Music Platform Music festival, 2012.
o Colourscape music festival, 2012 & 2016.
o The Royal Albert Hall, Choir, “ Love The Earth” by Imogene Heap, 2010.

o Winner of 'Battle Of The Bands competition', 2016, World Music Network.